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Getting to know me

I am a common story of a person who swore they wouldn't become their parents and then did anyways. Growing up, I saw how hard my mother worked in her photography business and the impact that she had but to do that, there were often really long hours and I could see the emotional toll on her. The part you don't understand as a child though is how the emotions, even when they seem like they make you tired are only because of the fact that you care. I inherited my dads sarcasm and goofiness but also a lot of my moms overwhelming compassion to try to do for others even when they don't always understand why. And because of that compassion, when I saw military families with no family photos or not being able to afford homecoming photos, I stepped up and did what I could do, whether it was what I thought I wanted to do.

(Photo from my husbands homecoming-June 2011)

I will be honest. For the first 5 or 6 years, photography really only operated as a hobby to fill 2 needs; affordable photos for people I met or got referred to and socialization for me. When we got to Houston, I finally was able to get connected into a steady and less mobile community meaning my clients weren't always being relocated and I was able to actually have a growing clientele.

Not long after we moved here, we had our 3rd child and while I continued to grow my business here, we had 2 more. Photography has allowed me to have the flexibility to grow my family and raise my family while also having a career I love.

We have lived in Houston 8.5 years and in that time I have met so many amazing people and worked with countless wonderful families and it looks like things will only continue to grow and get better.

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